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I would like to welcome you all  to my blog.I guess we all can never know how far we can go unless we  decide to embrack on the journey.I would like to thank you for joining me on this journey  of sharing and empowering each other and pray that it will be fulfilling to me and you as well. August is always my peak month for very many reasons and am  greatly humbled  that as i bid farewell to  26 and wait on making 27  this month ,among all gifts 26 as left me with is the  realization of this calling.

kind regards

Nabatanzi Feewaiba.




Witchcraft is overrated

There I was watching the family and friends of wife number one of one of the people who died when the boat capsized claiming how witchcraft had made the deceased abandon his “matrimonial home” , marry another wife who wasn’t yet a month old and eventually die in the boat cruise .I galloped watching a group of women and man convince the world on national television the wickedness of the second wife and my mind wondered how cynical people can be. Wouldn’t this drama wait? Were they convinced that this made them look like saints? The family went on and on how despite of the fact that mike died while with his second wife (survivor) at the boat cruise he really loved his first wife and they went ahead to give scenarios to prove it . When do these fights to prove who is more loved between co-wives end? To what extent do people go to to solicit pity from the general public? We all know that we wont be here forever yet we still attribute the loss of life to witchcraft.

Disclaimer witchcraft is real and it can be in different ways even the Quran goes ahead to acknowledge it but we are overrating it. I feel like witchcraft claims is our way of not taking responsibility of how our lives turned out. “Even my mother had children in several men its a generation curse that is following me” says a woman who feels like the only way to repay a man who has treated her well for two weeks is by giving birth(how genius).Over a period of time people have attributed infertility to witchcraft and women have spent  their hard earned cash  upto the last penny looking for answers in the wrong places and spent most of their lives angry, bitter and some acquiring diseases from the witch doctors because of the sex they have with these men. Today Uganda has done alot to tackle infertility the scientific way and yet instead of couples seeking professional help they opt for witchcraft and start pointing fingers.

In the year 2014 my father’s leg was set to be amputated although they settled for cutting some of his toes. The change in size ,color and discharge made me think what some people would opt for even when it is now known that most of the diabetic patients die with most of their arms and legs amputated. We have still learnt nothing from our past where many people died because of AIDS and spent a lot of time attributing it to witchcraft. I had a friend in my past who suffered from mental illness but I remember how her family moved the world searching for answers in the wrong places and how that made her situation even worse.

God show us our enemies and misguide their plans against us but teach us not to dwell on their existence. God has  chosen a life for you regardless of who approves of it and sometimes God’s plans for you will match with your enemies wishes to unfold unpleasant events and they will last until he wills otherwise for you . Bad things will happen to good people but by attributing our misfortune to witchcraft we miss the point of our tribulations and eventually sabotage our own abilities to grow in tough situations , heal through our broken selves and lay an example for the people that will live similar lives to ours because we label them “cursed”.Someday you maybe left at the altar , lose your your job unexpectedly,your spouse may fall in love with another ,you may not have children of your own(you can go on with the list until the shoes fit) no one will have bewitched you. Your story is written by the best author of all times so what ever the script give it life and meaning without being selective .We wont be here forever don’t waste too much time holding someone accountable for how your life turned out.

Stay Blessed

Kind regards

Nabatanzi Feewaiba

Hospital walls have seen more than they can tell

Very unintentionally life has had me visit the hospital on a daily in the past two weeks.Whenever a woman walked into the labor ward with her spouse that really hit deep for me it didn’t matter how poor they looked that gesture just spoke volumes of the kind of people  relationship  they had. With 5% presence of the fathers to be my questions begin .What in the world (apart from being absent in the country) would keep you from being part of the moment when your significant other is being ushered into this world regardless of the relationship you have with the mother of your unborn child?

“Women always look at childbirth as a way of securing their places in their baby daddies lives as well as a way to have men dance to their tone or blind them into lifetime commitment” my mother explains with you aren’t seen nothing yet tone. Personally I don’t believe in victims that don’t take responsibility of their part in a bad story. Regardless of who tricked who in what,and all the thousand things one can do regardless of the gender to prevent the unwanted. When the impossible becomes our reality ,leveling up becomes an obligation.

After this experience i will remember to slap my colleagues at work who sing hallelujah when they receive the good news . The men that sit at office waiting to receive a call from the hospital informing them that  the long wait has come to an end “congratulation its a boy ”  how can you have the audacity to order for lunch, swing in your office sit as your baby mama is somewhere fighting for her life and the life of your child. Which kind of man human being has the courage to sip a beer as their baby mama stands at the door of the hospital begging for 140k to undergo a c-section after 9 months. Apart of me saw myself in every woman that walked into the labor ward and i will assure you i didn’t walkout from that environment the same person that walked in with high spirits.

Finding women that had 3 children and in hospital expecting a fourth one with men that showed the same behavior pattern right from the first child , Why do women do this to themselves ,most importantly  compromising  the welfare of their unborn children, who teaches women to prefer to live in suffering ?  Yet we come out to judge women who go ahead to shop for sperms and make a decision to singlehandedly raise their children right from the beginning i find this a more believable story than attaching a body to a sperm donor and eventually have to cough every time am trying to explain to my child about their father’s behavior  because even me as a mother am still in disbelieve of an existence of such a human

Witnessing some women losing their lives and coming out of the hospital without their children because they lost them during the struggle of childbirth meanwhile with zero appearance of their spouses or making appearances after they have been informed that they have to  take their children to be buried left me helpless and thankful that i didn’t have choose a career that would lower my spirits every day.

“Do what ever it takes to make sure you secure yourself a man” the world says and “then what ” I usually ask myself . Spend the rest of my life dragging an adult to be part of my life as well as the life of my children unless am privileged enough to have 48 hours a day. Why does the world rush people through life as through what really mattered was following the list without paying much attention to whether you found fulfillment in doing and being certain things . Most of what we have now, are married people that have open relationships outside their marriages making it seem like marriage was something they pursued to attain society validation or marriage is insurance that an individual falls back to when need arises.

During one of my visits I sat near a couple that had this child that seemed to have a height disability although at the point in time their hospital visit had much to do with the physical health of their child. I watched very closely as the child kept on moving with a lot of discomfort on the father’s lap but the love the couple showered their child , seemed much more helpful than the medication it was receiving because every time the father attempted to stand up ,the child’s cry would sound louder than before . I wouldn’t help but notice the rings on their finger showing that they were married “I think this is what I have always imagined marriage to be about ” I remember thinking to myself but not a partner that vanishes emotionally and only appears for public display”as long as he comes back home at the end of the day” i usually cough after this statement becomes it usually leaves me chocking with a paragraph of words.

What makes it okay to just come back home at the end of the day, for him to pound you seriously through out the night and the world will not  hold you hostage for not being “sexually starved”. There has been this thing that has kept me wondering for some time now that i had to run to my catch phrase “wama google” what’s the worst that can happen when someone stops having sex and has anyone ever died from sex starvation.  The only valid answer i found from the 1000 answers google returned was some women  are more likely to have more painful cramps because for this one i  raise two hands because i can relate would be an understatement. In other news  death never appeared anywhere in  the drop down lists that surfaced, most of the answers i received didn’t pass my validation. So sister the phrase that sex makes people glow is accompanied by peace content and fulfillment dnt make your pussy use you. If you fail to control your pussy  take charge and take precautions reduce on the consequences of sex,guard your womb trust me God will understand.

Some human wolves will be patient enough to tick all the boxes to unseal the locks of your womb but darling at-least your soul will have felt guarded and you will comfortably let God do the rest . For whatever consequences that will take place there after you will take head on and you will find it easy to have a truthful conservation with yourself knowing you did whatever there was but fate caught up with you.The first point of validation i seek comes from within  because usually when i mess up the first slap comes straight from my mind so  for whatever decision,  i ensure we are good(body,soul,heart and mind)so that when we sink we can bounce back like the team we are.

Don’t let the world talk you into anything you openly see that will cause you continuous pain, no one will loose sleep when you child is in bad health and you are soliciting for funds. Pain isn’t infectious that it  will be  transferred  to the people that love and care for you. Even when my best friend was right there sited near me having labor pains I managed to sip my yogurt regardless of the fact that she topped my prayer list throughout her 9 months of pregnancy but at that point in time the pain was  solely for her. Those relatives that are making you stay in a violent relationship they will be the ones narrating the stories of the violent history of your relationship on your burial.

So darling just dare to choose good things for yourself and never shy about it. If you want a good man say it and MEAN it. Humans are imperfect  thats our nature sometimes we fail at loving our spouses right but there is a percentage to that if it hits 60%  it a red flag if it’s 80% you need help sister ,at this point allow me to ask a question that my mother asks when i use the phrase “she needs help/he needs help” “what kind of medicine teaches a man / women that some people aren’t good for them ?”   Prayer,Prayer,Prayer,Prayer self meditation,self love,consult someone your trust or a professional.Dnt be afraid to walk alone because sometimes we have to get rid of things that aren’t good for us ASAP and embark on rebuilding a team that  will redefine love and belonging very differently and very profoundly for us .

Lovely day ahead of you

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Kind  Regards

Nabatanzi Feewaiba

My heroes hold chalk

No matter how God will elevate me in life one of the people I will never look at as my equals will be my teachers. In my entire employment history I call my bosses by their names it doesn’t matter whether you are the CEO of the group on an international level titles like MR/MRS/MISS are for the people who taught me. Even when am one of the persons who puts my opinions fore front , when am having conversations with my former teachers I listen even when am not going to take on their advise because for me they taught me all those things my family and friends failed to and nothing will take that away from them.

_67A9753This Sunday was Maham’s baby shower and I saw how Matthew (my cousin but also professional photographer) stalked the boys to take shots that we now enjoy viewing so much for some reason it made me think about the boys teachers. Its so hard to capture their attention how do their teachers manage to keep them at school and teach them all these things. This reminded me of  the kind of relationship my father created with my teachers I think he almost kissed their shoes because he was well aware that they spent more time with me than he did ,so he made them feel like he was open to any kind of feedback about me regardless of whether it was unpleasant. If my teachers were told that I turned out to be an activist and a person that doesn’t succumb to society norms and expectations they would bet their life on it because I was those people that endeavored to be in my teachers good books ,My teachers approval met a lot to me.


My parent have always been business people and were always on business trips very often but whether my dad was from a business trip  he would drive straight from the airport to school to meet my teachers even when he was well aware my mom had visited earlier.  I remember how my heart would skip every time I was told that my dad was here yet my mom had just left because the discussion was held with me, him and my teachers and I wasn’t allowed to claim that my teachers were lying. I spent my whole school life aiming for the sky .

In my primary school I was in a prominent Catholic single sex school ,if you have gone through a catholic school you know that for them discipline is key in all aspects including time. You are on time,you value your time and others time , only to grow up to realize that some people don’t know that failure to keep time and fulfill commitments is a sign of disrespect to yourself as well as others. Being in a catholic school meant I was among the minority because we were only 3 moslems in my class but my parents especially my DAD was very supportive of the school policies whether it meant going to catholic mass I guess he knew I wasn’t going to be in that school forever so as long as I lived in Rome I had to  behave like Romans

I don’t think I can thank God enough for allowing me to go through such a system at an early age because in all my workplaces I have been among the minorities when it came to Islam but because I learnt how to be comfortable in my own skin I never assimilate, I wear hijab when I want to even when my workmates find it weird especially when I have just joined the company ,I will freely perform my daily prayers without any reservation and I never provide apologizes for it. Most of my workmates are so shocked to realize that am not from a staunch moslem family .The other funny detail about the other person who was moslem in my primary class is that ,for her despite of the fact that she went to the same catholic school for O and A levels she is one of those moslems now who lives in the UK but wears hijab  Every time I look through her Facebook feeds I became more shocked she is really high profile ,Travels a lot whether out for fun bungee jumping or skydiving it will be hijab .

Later in my O levels I went to a popular moslem school that I don’t quite love to relate to because when I was in primary my parents used to refer to it as paradise but to my dismay my expectations were unmet but still my teachers taught me my Deen because unfortunately for me my parents never groomed me spiritually being in a big moslem community for the first time  I came to appreciate Islam in all totality given that I was in a catholic school and am raised in a family were half of it is christian and the other half is moslem so it felt like I was interacting with my religion for the first time and anyone who knows me well can relate with the bond I en devour to  have with my creator

In my A levels I was in an international school that gave me new different kind of feel I had already built a personality that was so up tight because of my history with traditional schools but now my A levels were the real paradise and it taught me how to set loose and enjoy being around people who love and celebrate themselves regardless of your performance in school and in a space of one month i was a prefect and a very celebrated one not the kind in traditional schools that are looked at as small gods but the kind that can be compared to a cool boss. This school built my performance as regards to academics as well as a very confident speaker. My parents and I enjoyed my stay there but the thing with studying in international schools and stay local you never meet your OGS and OBS around the country most opt to fly out.

Even after going through a primary school whose alumnae are known of their good handwriting I still failed to make my way with the art of putting down information with a traditional pen but please dnt blame it on my teachers they tried but all in vain I guess that’s why I never owned a dairy I hate reading my own handwriting. Still this is one of the things that made me believe I would never became a writer (allow me to laugh i still don’t think am one) later on find a lot of fulfillment doing it.

_67A9752DNT shelter your children ,from an early stage teach them how to fight their own battles and you will thank me later. Today when I met adults who want to tease me it doesn’t matter whether you are my HR I laugh from within thinking “do you have an idea how many things I have survived”. Why do you think cases of depression are more common in the western world than in Africa ,its because kids there are so much sheltered by the law and their governments and as adults they tend to fall in depression faster. Your children bad experiences at school will make them tougher and in return you will have adults you are  proud of .I remember when my dad was bedridden for 3 months and most people were broken and yet I was still that one person who was with him all the time in hospital and yet he still felt my strength. I remember my dad telling me “You are one of the strongest women I have ever met” this comment still make me beam with pride

Now when I look at parents of today that shout at their children’s teachers in their kids presence  part of me crumbs.”We pay a lot of money for our children’s education” Boss it doesn’t matter whether you pay a fortune for your children’s education, no amount of money can equate to the time ,the thought your children’s teachers put in to equip your children with the skills they will need for the future.

Now your child is just in play school you appear at school shouting at everyone please you decided to entrust them with your children discipline yourself or else home school them .“You say you cant trust the teachers with your children” Do you know how many children they have nurtured now yours is only one imagine you had twins I think you would remove off the roofs . You may not respect your boss,your wife and your maid that’s okay but RESPECT YOUR CHILDREN’S TEACHERS .You may want to be the only person who raises you child and you don’t want advise on how to raise your child but honey YOU WILL NOT BE HERE FOREVER. You are raising someone’s boss,best friend,wife,husband,sister PLEASE raise them well you won’t be able to be everything to your child. Come down  LET GO AND LET GOD

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Kind regards

Nabatanzi Feewaiba

Looking back at 28

“Difficult roads led to beautiful destinations” I have traveled long enough at 28 to testify to this statement. I have successfully lost count of the places I have been at the past one year at a point I was meant to believe I was at a treasure hunt. Travel mission at 28 “when something good happens ,travel to celebrate if something bad happens travel to forget it if nothing happens travel to make something happen” .There are times I traveled to beautiful places and never took photos. Travelling has been the source of my positive energy the past year and I will say, it can fix anything .A big thank you to my travel companions you guys have filled 28 with a lot of memories I have a lot to look back to and I still laugh out loud when I look at all the pictures and videos thank you for being crazy enough to follow google maps in deep villages I know u would never forgive me if we got stuck but thankfully most of the unplanned trips turned out successful I dnt take your existence for granted Allah knows I keep reciting your names in prayer.

I have always known that I would love the band but I dnt know why I never tried it that much and I think my first awakening was at kalangala during the Jazz freak performance listening to jazz near the lake side with campfire was priceless when I returned home the hunt resumed and I found a place I call the home of band .Outdoors in the middle of the night listening to beautiful voices and well played instruments in comfortable chairs with fire lit up someway with jars of tea oh lord father this place has changed the meaning of my Friday nights.28 has not been smooth but this is what I mean when I say there was always something to lift my spirits. This is a place where you find night singers who have daytime jobs and weekend job. In Eva’s voice a programmer in the day a singer in the night and a cheese player over the weekend. These are people who node to the statement that life is what you make it.

IMG_20180826_133841_004.jpgI have had a lot of grace this year despite of the storms and at the point it became a concern I had to look within “How come I have this level of peace ,content and fulfillment despite the road my life is taking ” Then I remember my 23 24 and 25 old self that was ripped into pieces and back and the woman she enabled me grow into a woman sooo full of faith and strength I think that’s what Gabrielle union calls the strength that comes from survival. Thank goodness my younger self had learnt so much about thriving through failure that when the storm revisited at 28 I just had to look within and remember that it was okay to wait when in doubt ,it was okay to wait when in fear through waiting you get answers each day that passes by and the road to take becomes clearer and more evident .Most importantly I always knew that I had my daily lengthy conversations with my creator in the very early hours of my day and all I needed to do was pull myself a seat and dine with my fears and let God finish what he started. This has been effortless with God .

IMG_20180826_125012_218.jpgMy life is very busy and it has got a very busy entry and exist door this is one of the reason I believe in the abundance of the universe. Eva always makes a joke that “Phibie if I ever took two weeks without talking to you I will find when your life has taken a totally different turn and I dn’t even know how you do it ” Do I intend to ?I dnt think .Sometimes I feel like God has already rewritten for me a script and all I have to is to wake up and give life to it, in only a way an extraordinary moslem muganda woman would .Eva is always quick to remind me I should share my story through a book and if I ever feel lazy I should share it with someone who can make a movie but I should never leave it undocumented.

28 has left me with a number of new beginnings one of which will somewhat change the trend of my life I will remember to share when i have something substantial to share. Thank you 28 you outdid you self in my story of life I dn’t remember how many times I stood to applaud my 28 old self and to my support team I think the term is ” heaven sent” .I believe in love because I have been loved heavily, I believe in the existence of beautiful souls because God has always chosen the best of them to be in my closest circle . I believe in the beauty of life because every day of my life I have been given an opportunity to write a story full of love and laughter but never losing the authenticity of my story

Allahumdullilah for the blessing 28 has been .

29 years  loading

August is babe

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Kind regards

Nabatanzi feewaiba

Say no to “man snatching claims”

Who taught women that it is morally allowed to fight for men?Apart of me dies every time I hear these “man snatching claims” Oh lord have mercy. Most of the recent trending videos are of women claiming their “stolen husbands,fiancees,boyfriends baby daddies men “. For the first time i ask a question i have heard several people ask and as a feminist this is hard for me but WHAT IS WRONG WITH WOMEN?

Most of these men if not all make the decision to marry a woman when they are in their rightful sense of mind.I have not heard of any being reported to have amnesia so this whole business of women going on national TV to remind him of his children should stop.Women stop misrepresenting our gender. Why would you want to claim a man who has left behind everything you have worked so hard to accomplish ?Today you are going to fight your co-wife Eva(allow me to laugh because am going to be killed for this) and he will marry Amina . This is where i say choose your battles wisely sister .Some battles will only weigh you down.


We keep on directing our anger and hate in the wrong direction.I keep on wanting to understand this part, you hate and curse the women he sleeps with but you keep on loving and forgiving him but HOW? We are willing to tear ourselves apart inorder to keep our “trophy husbands” only for them to give us more work by moving to the next victim and leaving us looking like fools but WHY? Love isn’t an obsession and dnt allow the world to convince you otherwise .

Who is giving women the audacity to speak on behalf of men that are above 18 years? Watching women explaining their spouses “relationships” with other women leaves me speechless. So there was this woman breaking down the spouses’s relationship “Oh with lillian that was a situationship (but meanwhile this guy had a kukyla at lillian’s home ) with Pamela that was ………(i dnt remember but she had interesting terms for each woman)”What left me speechless she went on and on explaining about the five women that are in the picture and it didn’t even hit her mind that “her man” (allow me to laugh after this term) had a problem.Men are rarely held accountable for their actions but WHY? As a women its okay if you are asked about your husbands extra marital relationships to say “No comment” because darling that isn’t your space so dnt embarrass yourself.

When a woman comes claiming that your man is the father to her children Please dnt sweat the small things give your husband time even if not immediately to be the one to give the response.This business of women supporting men not to stand up to their responsibility isn’t cool at all .Your space is to find out whether you want to help him or not,whether you want to continue with him or not ?

One of the schools am so proud to associate myself with had this culture, In-case any boy beat up a girl they would wait for him in the dormitory and beat him up as well as shame him.It about time we start beating up women who fight for men or if we find them fighting we lock them up so that they can kill themselves and our daughters will have real role models to look up to.Our society has come a long way in the fight to make sure that women have the equal standing in society but i dnt think they had this in mind.That some group of women will still look at failure of their marriage as a death sentence and will cling on men like their only sense of identity.

Today women are identified by so many things besides their marital status.Why then dnt some women believe in the abundance of the universe?Women are big in business and everything else at least by the time your marriage fails you will have enough to raise your children.You fight your man’s women and then you fight for child support.PLEASE


We have seen divorced women finding love again even love greater than the one that left .Times have changed so should women even before we blame the society older women are getting married and having children yet we still hold on our biological clock as a justification for our desperate acts .Women have been taught that they are wired for struggle so they think everything should be one.Take a chill pill love isn’t one of those things.Yes as women we are fixers but this didn’t mean we are meant to fix broken men that aren’t willing to fix themselves.Yes adulthood means unlearning very many things we were taught as children .


This is where the person who opened my mind to putting my opinion in digital ink regrets his acts of kindness but well i proudly dare to be different and it is gradually becoming my identity

Blessed new month

Kinds Regards

Nabatanzi Feewaiba

Social Media Liberty

I don’t even know whether I should say write this with my eyes closed to show how unfortunate it is that we are still losing women during childbirth. It is one of those things that speaks volumes about our country and the kind of leadership it has(I will leave it at that because if I had to move in that direction  i would be required to write a book). In Islam we believe in  fate even when we go all out planning for our future, God has rendered us powerless unless he wills. Foolish is when a group of people on social media come together and convince themselves that pregnancy Photo-shoots are the reason why most women are loosing their lives during childbirth. Disclaimer I believe in evil eyes but some people are taking it way over board.When God blesses you with something beautiful in your life He is manifesting his greatness . One of the way to show gratitude is to  enjoy God’s blessing to you .How you choose to enjoy it is somewhat your business .

At 28 I still think I will be one of those people that will go in hiding during my pregnancy I don’t think I will be very comfortable growing big with the whole world watching but I can’t go all out trying to make other women feel bad for something they draw a lot of pride in.Times have changed but some people are still stuck in the past. If our parents used to hide their pregnancy because they wanted to protect their babies from envious eyes that was then and this is now otherwise God would have bought us to the world in the 50s but we are 80s 90s babies and treat our blessings differently. We love to celebrate our baby bumps, we love to show them off ,upload our statutes when we are going for antenatal .Thats our world and we enjoy it that way

I have my own reservation about pregnancy photo-shoots .Personally i can’t expose my tummy with or without a baby i guess am just a very conservative person when it comes to my body.My best friend is expecting  her second born inshallah come November or early October but I was with  her  for her first antenatal seeing our little angel (mashallah) made me feel all sorts of  different so I just imagine having to withhold that within .

These group of people also believe that exposing your relationship on social media ruins it am still having sleepless nights trying to figure out this one. I remember when I had just joined Facebook I was in my first relationship, uploading couple pics was unheard of and turned out to be one of the things that made my relationship very popular at university  . The good news is the relationship failed but uploading our pictures on social media had nothing to do with why it failed, we enjoyed it while it lasted and it was more beautiful in reality than it was in the pictures .Your social media life is part of your life and always feel free to share what you feel is appropriate and let no one make you feel guilty about it because your blessing have a name on it nothing will ruin what is meant to be yours.

Its okay to keep you life private and its okay to decide as a couple to keep your love life out of the limelight but please please dnt feel the need to make the same decision for other people. Social media only exposes FAKE people.If you ever find your self being claimed by more than one woman on social media and then you come up with “social media destroys relationship” please that’s your bad not social media. Expose your man babe if there is a woman who is claiming him that’s cool its better to know what you are getting yourself into other than just diving  right in without any know.

Am one of those people that is for public affection although the moderated kind when I love someone I go all out and make the world know that am blessed.Nothing will ever protect you from loss not even keeping your life private will. We know that things aren’t as perfect as they appear , we know that couples struggle and stumble but we still enjoy being apart of their light moments as long as  they are willing to invite us in ,so Darlings don’t ruin that for us .Some of us enjoy watching  people’s vacations, their  family ,their work, Cinderella weddings ,the engagement parties, the baby showers ,the pregnancy photo-shoots  although it may  cause a little bit of envy there will be the verrry few unknown social media viewers who will say a pray that God continues to shower you with more blessings  .

Well i heard to get that one off my chest otherwise today marks the end of Ramadthan  its unfortunate that all good things come to an end but all i can say Thank you God for making me part of this Ramadthan i pray that you accept my acts of worship and you continue enabling me to live my life in a way that will honor  you.


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Kind Regards

Nabatanzi Feewaiba


Kamwokya Boy

Am clearly not an events person but I have got this things for themes. The first time I heard of the Kabaka birthday run it just cut deep, don’t get it twisted you can never get me out of bed on a sunday morning inviting me for a marathon clearly not my kinda thing but I have will always have this love for the Kabaka I don’t even think I care whether the money collected is directed to the right cause or it is given to the king’s subject to feast, for me any excuse to celebrate him I will be honored to be apart of it. Kampala is the place to be, there is always an event for everyone, now some day time robbers some Ugandan genius came up with the theme cake and ice cream festival. The organizers of the festival would effortlessly get 5 4 Half star (I reserve my other half for one minor detail they deliberately fooled us about) they knew who their target market group was and they did just that .Good music , particularly because for the first time I refer to good music when am not referring to the band or country but to DJs mixing it right( the things we keep on discovering about ourselves ),good cowards, and most importantly alot of ice cream and cake ,10:00pm end of event for the first time an event ended and my feet was still moving to the beat now this was very impressive .

The event made mother’s day special ,so much love,laughter,heart so full and so much to take back home. Never knew I would pick so much reality from kids. Between 1pm to 5 pm it was about the kids dancing and doing their thing, when I saw these kids up there on the stage (please mark non of this kids where prepared for these performances) my eyes moved from small to big widest and I must have lost my voice on sunday. More often than not I wanted to meet these kids parents because their moves told gazillion truths. At a point I also dropped a tear (Upto now am still trying to explain this to myself)

The babies danced in groups and the size would keep on reducing because they kept on being called off stage until we had these three boys that had to battle to win.Two were clearly uptown boys even their moves weren’t from “our very own artists”one was shabby and quite adorable and from Agan the other I didn’t quite get the school,my favorite was the third one who was from Kamwokya wearing an oversized shirt which I wouldn’t tell whether it was just dirty or old and a green short .By the look of things I think he had begged his way into the festival because he didn’t have a wristband to show that he had paid. The Good news was he made it on stage and the rest was history . The first time I saw him I didn’t even think he would dance and since he had an oversized shirt I almost didn’t give him a chance thankfully I wasn’t the MC ,I was am only among the millions in the audience. To my dis may the Kamwokya boy’s dance moves took the audience go to places .Me and a thousand others fell in love with this boy’s moves and for a moment we forgot about the other two.

What did we did we expected?its public knowledge that the boys from the ghetto always get their moves right .It was such a relief to know that the Kamwokya boy goes to school, he shared with us the name of his school but I cant remember the name though . The audience was wowed and people flocked the stage to tip the baby boy and he successfully got away with 150000 something UGX .While they were still counting his money on stage He kept on calling the MC softly “Uncle uncle uncle”” let me thank the people ”And when the MC handed him the microphone He knelt down and thanked the audiences and prayed to the almighty to continue to blessing the audience in Luganda. That continued to cut deeper .The winners were first given pizza and when the Kamwokya boy was handed pizza he said “I don’t eat pizza I eat chips and chicken” this almost killed people in the audience. The MC asked him”We are going to give you a lot of ice cream and cake what are you going to do with so much cake and ice cream? He continued to ask “wont it get spoil t ?”The boy replied with excitement “i will eat it with my brothers and sisters.” The MC continued but “i can talk to the people in the audience to solicit a fridge for you”The Kamokya boy replied “Oh noooooooo they have already done aloooooot for me and so grateful already .

Such is life at a point we end up at the same jobs,same stage,battling for the same opportunity and it doesn’t matter what your past was or what route you used to get there. The only role your past has in your future is what it molded you to became. The things that cut deep are the things that show that we are humble, compassionate,kind and well raised and they have nothing to do with how much money we have,the jobs that we do and the cars we drive.We tell a lot of stories through our actions, make sure your story is a good one. You don’t have to have it all for your heart to be full we should thrive to be at peace with what we have and live our life like the privilege it is. Being at peace and content with who you are will always and forever be an attractive trait so Live through your failures,mistakes,your bads today because it will be your story tomorrow. Confidence is an attire always wear it and accessorize it with courage the Kamwokya boy had an option of admiring others from afar but he braved his way to the stage (God knows how much i love confident people )

Away from the kamwokya. Ramadthan is at the door and because it is special I pray to the almighty to bless me with the honor of making this my best Ramadthan ever inshallah.

Ramadthan Kareem

confidential 1

Kind Regards

Nabatanzi Feewaiba