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I would like to welcome you all  to my blog.I guess we all can never know how far we can go unless we  decide to embrack on the journey.I would like to thank you for joining me on this journey  of sharing and empowering each other and pray that it will be fulfilling to me and you as well. August is always my peak month for very many reasons and am  greatly humbled  that as i bid farewell to  26 and wait on making 27  this month ,among all gifts 26 as left me with is the  realization of this calling.

kind regards

Nabatanzi Feewaiba.




Press for Progress

Looking through my Facebook new feeds on 8 march reminded me of days like valentine,mothers day, fathers day and many more of that kind and I couldn’t help but think that there is a lot of misconception that surrounds these days. Nothing will ever level up to consistency,you will spoil her for one day with all those well prepared meals,well written posts ,gifts but none of the treats will equate to that one or few things that you do everyday to make her know that you recognize and appreciate her contribution in your life.

I often shut down like am taking notes of some kind whenever am trying to listen and understand(simultaneously) people who think differently from me . When looking for a wife Isa wanted a woman who was educated,had a well paying job,religious and if not moslem one who would be willing to convert to Islam, beautiful ,oh boy the list was endless but never the less he meant Sharon that ticked most of his boxes and he married her. Having a conversation with Isa few months after his wedding he wanted Sharon to quit her job because he believes that working women tend to be very bossy and went on and on about all the things he wanted Sharon to stop, now that she is finally his wife. Honey more than fronting your own selfish interests the world needs you to support the dreams and ambitions of  your spouses.More than celebrating women’s day we need more men who are going to brighten the light for their spouses  because besides  being your wife the world needs the doctor,the engineer in her and above all your children the boys need to know what to look for in a woman and your girls need a role model under their own roof .

The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.

Whats so different about 8 march that makes it special for a man to fix the meals(and proudly) as opposed to the other days of the year where your boys would make fun of you. During my daily routine work I tend to be very chatty(reasons why will be for another day), so one of the ladies was sharing with me how her responsibility of being a mother,wife,and employee affects her day differently. She wakes at 4am every day to prepare her kids for school ,travel from Seeta to Entebbe for work in the morning and travel back dozing in the Taxi only to reach home at 10pm ,prepare food and juice and sleep at midnight everyday(not forgetting her matrimonial duties i guess). What most of these ladies want in return is to feel appreciated every day. There is always that one thing/few things that you can help with  at home other than being the “big baby”.


Celebrating fellow women means embracing each other regardless of our differences before you show the world that you celebrate fellow women look at your circle of friends. Is there diversity in character within them?





We need more women who are going to be unapologetically themselves without justifying their stories to seek public acceptance.The success,victories,the imperfections,the pain,the joy,the losses they  are all  part of the your journey embrace them all because while doing that you will never have an idea of how many other women you will be inspiring to be themselves  .  To all the women out there i pray that your journey as a woman will continue to be one that will  always  make you feel  fulfilled.To all the men that support women during their struggles honeys you have a special corner in heaven with air conditioners and free WI-FI Access Ameen.And the world will surely return the favor through your daughters.

Happy women’s day(belated)

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Kind Regards

Nabatanzi Feewaiba


Soul Sister

I enjoy listening to music although I cant quite define myself as a lover of music. So I dnt follow musicians religiously unless something is really out there. Never the less the death of Radio left me thinking how Loss can be one of those things that can break even the strongest of them all and unfortunately we dnt choose its effect on us. As a person who has two best-friends that mean the world to me I would only imagine what this meant to Weasel. We have all tired establishing relationships with people and its public knowledge that its never a walk in the park whether its with your parents or siblings or spouses name it. Even though am a self reliant person I acknowledge that life is much more easier /fun when you have a person(s) you can share most or every stage with.

So its march already,I cant thank the almighty enough that this month I will get to celebrate the life of my soul sister and companion of all times. I brag (even when I know that its not in my own doing but the almighty only) for having the world’s best image of a sister,friend ,comforter name it. Sometimes when things aren’t going on well I feel like am paying the universe for its generosity of handing her to me. Sometimes I feel like I can only make her feel half of what she makes me feel.

There is a thing about friendship its vows arenot said out loud or there is no exchange of rings to show lifetime commitment but its a partnership that will leave one feeling so fulfilled. Friendship is where someone loves you effortlessly ,where mistakes are shared without the fear of being judged , where victories are shared with no intention of creating competition or envy,where compassion always takes place. Friendship only takes place were the feeling is mutual and the effort is equal. I might have just described something many haven’t witnessed but it does exist in very very very few people and when you find it celebrate it without fear of what may go wrong because it may come and stay forever.Love isnt supposed to be shown on someones death bed or after a life threatening situation because then it would really be very hypocritical.

Maham Nalugya Tibenkana i will always be grateful to the almighty for blessing me with a soul sister who has soo much love to share with those she chooses and am very humbled to be on your team .I pray that Allah blesses you with ease and simplicity in every stage of your life.I pray that Allah blesses you with content and peace in your marriage ,with your children and everything that you hold dear. Above all may he bless our friendship to live the test of time. I celebrate you everyday of my life.Happy born month

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Happy new month to you all

Kind Regards

Nabatanzi Feewaiba

Hard headed

Have you ever wondered why the people you have known for long stayed? I think lately am learning to ask more questions clearly it has never been in my DNA.( Although most questions and answers are with myself during meditation) I have been described as a strong person but that is just a sect within a dominant personality. Overtime(during the course of my life) I have acknowledged that people with a dominant personality have struggling relations with people although they often come out as successful in their career ( not that I am). Over time my network has grown I don’t even know how am not so good with people. Every time am meeting a new person a part of me is so sure that the most they will be is an acquaintance I have always known I will be fine with or without company. Every time I meet people and we connect on the dot and they seem to like me. My mind poses the next question “how long” .

lately I have been working towards a relationship with my youngest cousin.On getting to know her better, I kept on laughing because one thing was for sure some things run in our genes .I got my self thinking my little one ” our mothers were surely very lucky women the world has let them get away with it. But honey we live in a different world those genes have cost your big sister a number of relations will you handle?” Being me I covered all this with this laughs.” Meanwhile enjoy being young and beautiful because one thing is for sure women in my family are lovers of life.”

I have been described as talkative by many . There are people in my life that are not my closest friends nor people I interact with on a daily but every chance I get to interact with them they will have always interesting remarks that I will keep at the back of my mind and one of them is Connie .I remember the time I was convinced that celibacy was my path in life and we had one of those chats and she told “Phibie that’s okay if it’s what you want but make sure you don’t end up with people’s husbands” it kept ringing at the back of my mind it was a good one. The other remark was recently when we had those one offs so I told her Connie I have met someone her comment will always ring in my mind because sometimes even the people we interact with the least can know things about us the people we have known for ages won’t “Phibie this is exciting news kubanga you are a self reliant person so anyone coming into your life needs to be prepared for that” Connie someday you will kill me with your words of wisdom. We are all our special kind of beautiful but some people are more difficult to relate with especially the hard headed women.

I can have 10 people before me and each will describe me differently but still relate to the person that I am. (only maham can relate with the 10 people and only Eva knowing only one character of mine that maham doesn’t know quite well). Looking back today morning, it’s the beginning of the month of love and having got a new name recently beloved because in someone’s eyes I have got this network of people that love me so much(some people can mean to be so generous with their words) i would like to thank the people in my life for taking the risk of loving a woman that is so full of character and a hard headed one at that. You guys have done it so well that you have made me feel so comfortable in my own skin. I pray that someday I can be able to make you feel even half of what you make me feel. Every time am so happy, so sad ,so confused I remember that I have 45 others to share it with. Yes I have been loved by the best lovers of all times .(for the readers get your mind out of the gutter just woke up thankful for all life has thrown in my path)

I wish you a month so full of love

Kind regards

Nabatanzi Feewaiba

Thank You 2017

When I still have attachment to something I find it harder to bid farewell to it, well 2017 has been one of those years so short yet sooo beautiful so eventful,so memorable everything in it has been sooo soo. Well my Lord your gifts to me this year have been well received and highly appreciated. 2017 you have left my heart so full,with all these blessings am chocking with peace and content how would I have turned out to be this lucky? every month this year come with a blessing and before I would get enough of it another would come my way. Indeed a woman that seeks happiness in Allah will receive it in plenty. This year has made me feel humbled.

Am the kind of person who makes year’s revolution and follow them ofcourse some pull through but some dnt. Every year I want to live at a place in my life that am at peace with myself and content with what life has to offer that is my life’s ultimate goal but most times that doesnt come easy .At times one needs a lot of faith to live at a place of peace because sometimes life throws at us some tough lessons but sometimes it comes so easy because life can be good when The creator chooses it to be but this year has been one of those years (peace and content come so easy).

Dnt get jealousy its not like I bought my first house this year nothing like that happened because I rarely draw my content from the material stuff(though dnt get me wrong I love them too),I dnt like talking about my relationship with my creator because it may mislead my intentions so most times I keep my relationship with him private so that he knows I only do what ever I do to seek him but not for people’s acceptance, so for most of my blogs my spiritual journey may forever remain private but know that each year I make a commitment to seek him more and this year has been a success in that direction I only continue to pray that each day of my life I continue to make progress spiritually til the day he destined for me to meet him

What is life if we spend much of our time here(earth) trying to prepare for a future we aren’t even certain of?Living in the moment turned out to be my thing this year. Away from your job,your family and friends. Whats that one thing you would love to do for you?That’s needs some soul searching. If its expensive, this year has taught me that you can actually save to have fun in that way you give your self a treat without feeling guilty and no one should convince you that it isn’t worth it because it may as well turn out to very fulfilling. What have you redirected back to yourself,because truth is we dnt know when it will be our time to leave (death) How ever busy create time to read a book if u want to,it can even be at an awkward time,travel if you want to without feeling guilty,The journey to self fulfillment is also work but it will be one that you will never regret most importantly on your death bed. Taking life seriously should end in 2017 dnt only use your money when you are in bad health before you are rushed to hospital give back to yourself because that money you are working so hard to get may not be enough to save you..

Don’t forget your responsibility to others. Don’t let the chain of love end with you and most importantly give what you want to receive. His promise is clear that what ever you have given or what ever you wish for others you will receive twice as much and unfortunately it may not be from the people you had given. If you need a friend be one first,If you want some one to cross a bridge for you be the first one to its then that you will know that karma also has a good side .Be in other people’s life’s religiously and you will witness how goodness will follow. One of my take home this year

The other big thing this year was good things take time but they eventually pull through or ………that will be blog of its own  next year inshallah Let me not get a head of myself BUT a BIG thank you to the almighty for such a blissful year. I thank Him for such a big and great team of people who have made my year even better.To my support team I know am not deserving of your love but never the less you guys are still here so am soo humbled to have you in my life To you 2017 it has been an experience, too bad you have come to an end but thank you for leaving me richer.

2018 when you are ready am ready.Time to welcome new beginnings

Happy new year

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kind Regards

Nabatanzi Feewaiba

Inferiority complex

I haven’t witnessed domestic violence near me or among my close family and friends but taken keen interest in people who come out openly to share their experience about it. Since childhood standing up for myself always comes easy i know how to claim my space not until there are blows involved i hate the thought, the act of people hurting themselves physically .I will be your back up gal not until i have to save u in a fight that i literally cant do unless i have police with me.The thought of domestic violence always hits me hard none of the reason that is given by the participates adds up and most importantly someone one can lose a life, but all for what?

Domestic violence  has much to do with inferiority complex . When humans  feel like they cant raise to your level they feel the need to pull you down to theirs. Boss you are allowed to raise your standards,go ahead and chase a woman or a man that isn’t in your league  and sometimes you will be lucky that there is something about you that they may  find intriguing and in return come running to you BUT when that happens please and please get ready of your insecurities  .Be tidy dnt put your insecurities all over(in your relationship) dnt feel the need to became controlling inorder to feel worthy or feed your ego ,if you feel you cant get over the fact that your spouses is very educated go back to school dnt have fights with him or her only to appear at work all covered up for the wrong reasons. In that way you will be building walls

Only accept the baggage u can carry and dnt let anybody talk you into doing otherwise. Its okay to say i dnt date beautiful people because i cant manage the thought of competition other than slapping her or him for every gaze they get from the opposite sex,its okay to not date celebrities because you cant handle competing with their fans please and please dnt be the spouse that dims the light of our celebrity we love them more when they are happy,  u being violent wont make u famous either .

Now there are  people that claim they have got all the “right”reasons to be violent .The good news is that there is no such thing so cut that crap, lets see, you caught him or her cheating and you took matters in your hands went ahead to cut his d..k or poured acid on her face ,or broke everything in her house wow how clever. Nigga was that supposed to make you feel  better ?Even if she made you father kids that were not yours,okay my worst case scenario,  you discovered he stole your money?. There is always a way to work all that out how ever impossible it seems.Violence says much about us than the victims .People who talk people into staying in violent relationships what reasons do you always give them?

There is something African culture always tarnishes about about seeking professional help. If you ever discover that you are always that person that hurts the people you love physical honey dnt feel shy about seeking help . Its my prayer that Allah keeps me as well as everybody that is reading  far away from being part of  violent relationships and for those already in them i pray that Allah may make a way for you.

Dnt forget we rise by uplifting others. lets say no to domestic violence

Kind Regards

Nabatanzi Feewaiba


I cant say am against polygamy(as long as am not involved). I believe any mature woman or man can choose which relationship they want to be apart of and no one has the right to remove that from anyone .Just like no one has the right to tell you what to look for in a relationship it can be love ,money, fame name it .But there are several truths our society doesn’t acknowledge about the whole act of polygamy. I know you are moslem and your religion apparently allows you to marry up to four. I know you are an African and the number of women you have feeds your ego. Or lets say you can financially look after more than one woman.

So today there was this social media drama that was going all around about this relationship where a certain Hakim not real name was having one of those fights with Dorothy not real name . Dorothy is one of the many “wives” of Hakim .Hakim is allegedly accusing her of having various relationships,trapping him into impregnating her , bitwitching him, main cause of his business down fall,being a gold digger , she has failed to let go of her old habits and she is all stuck to the bottle ,above all being the source of all evil in his life .Dorothy on the other hand vows not to leave the “love of her life Hakim”. she clearly states that she will do anything to remain among his many wives and most of all win his love back.

If you cant handle drama please and please dnt invite it in your life leave it to the drama kings and queens they are always on top of their game.This takes me to my high school motto Thy shall reap what he or she sow’s.If you sow drama dnt expect to reap peace and content. Hakim decided to invite Dorothy to be among his women and expected to tame her.

Why is there no one talking sense into these men.Interesting most times the first wives are the ideal wives popularly known as the ” marriage material” but because the grass often looks greener elsewhere the search continues the “marriage material” kind of women have supposedly became boring after marriage and So men looks for women who are termed as free spirits that add excitement into their lives but when they take the position of wifey nigga begins to want to tame this woman. You want to remind her who the “god” in the relationship is. You want to remind her that her place is in the kitchen and not in the bars.Brother what exactly do you want? When you had the”marriage material” woman you opted for the free spirit woman as your second wife now that you got her you want to change her.

Love is blind sometimes its a blessing and sometimes its a curse it depends on how you relate to that statement .There is a reason Islam encourages us to low our gaze especially when we are look at men or women who aren’t our spouses.” Ba kampala galos” can mean to be better than your wife and thats there ultimate goal but if you fall into their trap please and please dnt blame it on witchcraft blame it on your uncontrolled libido.These kind of women come for your life cant even say they come for your money thats underestimating their intentions.They play the game called “loss for all” commonly known as kifiliza.

Islam allows women to marry for several reason a woman can marry a man because of his Deen (religion),appearance and wealth ,Dear men if women marry you because of your wealth it isn’t rewritten anywhere in the Quran that it is evil.When you go for this type of women you know what they are looking for and you provide it to them when all is done please and please dnt let us know that you were paying her rent financing her parties and her social media appearances .Our moslem brothers one of the biggest reason they give for marrying more than one wife is the fact that they can financially afford looking after them .Your first wife was low maintain ace you imagined all women are the same.Now that karma has caught up with you,Brother you laid your bed lay on it.Most times women who enter into relationships with married men know what they are getting themselves into and as long as whatever got them into that marriage or relationship still exist they will remain present till death does you justice most times men think they can easily get rid of them when they are done but with these type of women the rule changes its done when they say so

Today is world aids day and Uganda is declining when it comes to its fight against HIV thanks to the marriage network. Society’s approving of your sexual behavior wont pay for your treatment neither will it reverse your status you can also initiate the HIV testing. Men those family planning adverts dnt come with a disclaimer(for women only) visit your next health center .Get to know your options .If dnt want to have children take it upon your self guard your sperms banage we are tired of the stories you tell the world that women trapped you into being their sperm donors.Biology is very clear about some of these things.Now this guy was claiming that 6months into the marriage this woman was pregnant but riyale( I wouldn’t carry a child for nine months just to rob you of your wealth that would be a little extreme for me )but take note many women out there are looking for sperm donors so make use of those condoms or take a vasectomy failure to do that save yourself the embarrassment of explaining to the whole world how women have trapped you into becoming a father.

I dnt know whats wrong with Africans if your business prospers people dnt tend to credit their spouses but when it falls to prosper they are quick to relate the bad luck to their spouses.You are marrying every after 5 years and you expect your finances to keep growing man that would be black magic .Polygamy is good for your ego but not never ever good for you finances so stop playing damn .If you want to measure a mans problems count the number of wives he has.And you think stealing your money is the worst thing that can happen to you wait until you father children that arent yours.The African culture shan’s the fact that a woman can have a high libido but the truth is that some do especially when their sexual needs aren’t meant they will continue sleeping around as long as the “investor” doesn’t get to know .YOU have four wives and you believe you are going to sexually satisfy them all What a lie?What will happen when you get older

Women rarely marry men thinking they will change but our brothers marry women and believe beyond reasonable doubt that they will shape them into their ideal wife.You want her to leave shisha ,stop drinking ,to stop sleeping around how ? Are you God ?Brother choose your battles wisely..

Most times women who are not married are intimidated by labeling them names like prostitutes.If you are a woman and you are of age , you not married and you havent given life to anyone they will label you a “prostitute ” in broad day light but what do we call these married men who go sleeping around with the label of we are allowed to “marry more than one wife”. The new era of married prostitutes that actually participate in the act for fun but not for financial benefits ,married but keeping their options open.Honey your reward from God will be given to you here on earth.Someday you will finally find what you are looking for but when you do please share some of us love listening to the miracles of karma over coffee

brazas ssimububi

Dnt forget to Pray,live,laugh life is too short till then

Kind regards

Nabatanzi feewaiba

Stay Humble

So I boarded a taxi on a Monday morning,  agreed about the fare and destination. As it is the norm the conductor collects  the fare as soon as the journey begins which i kinda understand  and  we await to reach our destination .But these niggas(driver and conductor)  can just decide to drop you anywhere as long as they have covered  3/4 of the journey under the umbrella of jam or the remaining distance is walk able .As though thats not enough  if you even attempt to complain they will come up with all sorts of responses.   “you come from slums jumping trenches to get to the stage and now u pretend you cant walk the remaining distance to get to the park” .I d’nt know  whats wrong with some people when in wrong and your ego cant allow you to apologize  at least have the audacity  to keep your mouth shut .



Man what happened to being humble I mean the people who you are giving these kind of feedback insults are capable of being your employers, the least you can do is show some respect.  Most times  Ugandans have  misconception about somethings they think you only treat people right if you expect to meet them again  for customer retention so people who do jobs where customers are grantee feel the need to act like a boss or treat their  clients like they badly need their mercy .


Some people who are still moving to their destination act like they have arrived forgetting that the reason why God sometimes keeps us long in certain situations(bad) is to humble us. What do people find hard about being humble? you loss nothing but you loss alot trying to act like you got it all sorted out.I usually tell people and those who know me well can wittiness i have kissed  alot  of asses to go putting my nose in the air and in many ways life has humbled me greatly.But life has happened to many people but unfortunately  they have failed to become humble.Being humble is a quick way to win favor (stop raising your eyebrow you need the favor). You drive a BMW please dnt feel the need to throw your keys in people’s faces  keep calm we shall get to know  stay2  . Even when you finally reach your destination Honey stay humble dnt forget what you experienced while on the journey, those trials were lessons act like you attended the class the creator may rewind just to remind you.In Islam they usually say one of the greatest trials of them all is when a rich man is  tested with poverty but now it makes sense because most were not humble when all was well .Being humble while in comfort makes it easy to transit when all isn’t well.

stay4If you cant afford fuel for your car(s)  be humble board a taxi till all is well again dnt get loans in order to make ends meet or  keep up appearances. I will forever remain humble because i still remember the days i prayed for the things i have now.For the people who bleach be humble you were once dark lol.


My second love October is finally here and my blessings Ssemakula Kraiba and amal kayembe are growing older this month inshallah. I celebrate you .To the rest  its never over until you meet your creator so keep putting up a good fight and leave life like the blessing it is

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kind regards

nabatanzi Feewaiba